Enjoyment of your pool

Enjoy your Pool!

Sit back, relax, and let us do all the hard work for you


Free Water Testing!

Bring in your pool water sample for a free computerised analysis


Safe for Swimming

We ensure the cleanest and healthiest pool water that your family can enjoy all year round


Servicing, Repairs, Equipment Change

We pride ourselves with unsurpassed customer service to give you complete satisfaction, saving you time and money


Green Pool Recovery

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can turn unsightly green algae pool into crystal clean water for a safe swimming


Your swimming pool needs to be clean, sanitized, and most importantly, chemically-balanced.

Gladesville Pool Service offers a wide range of highly innovative products coming only from the world’s leading manufacturers. We have everything you need for a simpler,
effective, and cost-efficient pool maintenance and beautification.


Simply rinse out a used plastic bottle and fill it with pool water (approximately 300ml). Please make a note of the following

  • Pool Size – Length , Width and Depth
  • Salt or Chlorine Pool
  • Sand or Cartage filter
  • Surface of Pool – Pebble Creek or Fiberglass or Quartzon or Paint or Tile. Unsure….take a photo.


A dirty pool with improperly treated water can be threatening to your family’s health and may cause further expensive damage. Gladesville Pool Service offers a wide range of chemicals for your pool and spa; everything from acid, chlorine, algaecide, buffer, salt and stabilizer that will help you keep your pool at its best.


You don’t want to waste your whole day cleaning your pool. With our line of advanced pool cleaning technology, your time and effort spent in pool cleaning will be greatly reduced to 90%. Everything you need, from suctions to electric cleaners, you can find here at Gladesville Pool Service.


To maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your pool water, you need to have a good filtration system, a consistent chlorine generator, and an accurate chemical dosing system.

At Gladesville Pool Service, we have the most reliable and energy-efficient pool pumps for proper filtration. Our complete range of pool maintenance equipment, are built to the highest standards with the most advanced technology.


At Gladesville Pool Service, we have everything you need for your pool. Aside from our quality service, we also have all the necessary products and accessories that will provide you with a healthy and visually appealing environment for you, your family and friends.